This Summer, Extra of Giga. Tuenti A 4 Euros

Once back to the rise of rates in the main operators, seems that it is also time to recover these temporary promotions that operators often try to draw our attention in the summer campaigns or Christmas and how could it be otherwise, this 2015 the advantages are related to the connection to the internet.

The time is now for .Tuenti In addition to the availability of 4 G and the possibility of testing the digital voice before carrying the line announced this week, until September 25, 2015 allowing hire extra gig of data with the 50% discount.

Is available both for customers of card Bonoplus service contract in your version of 1 GB extra which happens to have a cost of 4 euros during the promotion period, which you can add to your rate as many times as you need, and at any time, even before completely exhausting your rate data bonus that is automatically activated when you need it without that applies the cost 3.6 default cents additional mega.

A new alternative to take into account this summer for those who wish to follow sailing at full speed during the holidays and he joins other promotions that we saw as the Amena with 500 MB extra free or 1 extra free GB Movistar. Little more than one week for the official start of the summer, is expected to more operators to advertise their own promotions among which as we would like to see the return of the unlimited gigas that Vodafone customers enjoyed last Christmas even hand in any other operator. We will remain vigilant.