The CyanogenMod Team Gives More Details and Shows Us a Video on Your Browser Gello

If the sector of web browsers on Android was not already as sufficiently populated and tight, yesterday the development team of CyanogenMod, which belongs to Cyanogen Inc but are not the same people, announced that He was working on a new browser, and he showed us a first catch with their appearance.

What didn’t was much detail on Gello, so the same Joey Rizzoli who yesterday gave the first information about the project is expanded a bit more hours after responding to some of the questions of the users and now offering us, Yes, a more than five-minute video so we can see the browser in action.

The first thing Rizzoli wanted to make clear is that the CyanogenMod team out from the words of Kirt McMaster, CEO of Cyanogen Inc, and ensures that his team or Google hates or wants to kill it, the only thing looking for the development of your ROM or your Navigator is to offer Android users alternatives so that they have to choose from..

Also ensured that the Gello browser will be open source, so once to be launched officially anyone who wants to can collaborate with the project, which will not implement an ETA and features that have been leaked so far will not be the only ones to bring the browser, so we can expect even a surprise.

It has also given the bad news that teams with small partition systems users may not use Gello, and in turn will receive the AOSP Browser. In addition, also they wanted to clarify which is the version of Chromium in which your browser is based, and that this is the one of the Chromium project for Snapdragon.

With the comment that not all devices may receive Gello and clarifying that it will be offered to those who can not another browser, CyanogenMod guys make quite clear that the browser will be integrated in your ROM, but we have still left hanging the question of if it will also remain available for other users of Android. It will be expected to have more news.