The 1,000 Megs of Descent with Fiber Arrive to Madrid from The Hand of a (Almost) Unknown

Although for many the name Adamo will not sound anything This company, of Nordic origin, has given us to talk on more than one occasion. Along with some other small operator Adamo has been regularly at the head of the speed of the Internet in Spain, releasing a connection with 1,000 megs of descent in March of last year.

Best known would be this company if your coverage is not limited to certain areas of Catalonia, Seville, Burgos, Ermua (Vizcaya) and Asturias, in some cases through public networks for rent, but perhaps that will change soon. And is that Adamo has just announced that its fiber has come to Madrid, where prepares to get new customers with its aggressive offer.

It will be in early June when residents of the city districts of Railings, Simancas and Canillejas followed by Sanchirrano and Las Tablas they can spend the 300 megs down and rise 30 offering Movistar or Vodafone to 1,000 megs of downs and 200 Megs of rise which may contract with the fiber of Adamo.

The price of no fixed phone connection is 34.99 euros per month

The Swedish company began its deployment last April, with the aim of reaching 50,000 homes in the capital. The price of the connection is of 42.29 euros per month with phone with 2,000 minutes to fixed national included or 34.99 euros per month without fixed. Can be added to these prices a mobile line, with a giga for five euros a month and various bonds of voice.

We are sure that the residents of the mentioned districts of Madrid are impatient because Adamo call at your door, but the question is because as small as Adamo operator can offer this speed and big, that is supposed to have more resources, they do not. And it is not the only example Adamo.