Telenor Puts the Price up and Remove a Subscription

Telenor puts up the price of the cheapest subscription in response to TDC and Telia’s price increases and removing at the same time another.

Telecommunications companies TDC and Vodafone put up its prices at the end of 2015 subscriptions. Now follows the Telenor after and raises the price of the cheapest subscription. It writes our site.

The case of the subscription, which until today was called the base GO and claimed the lives of 109 kroner for 6 hours of talk, as well as 2 GB of data. It renames Telenor now to Basic Smart and put 20 bucks up, so the price is called 129 crowns. In return you get 10 hours of talk now with the package.

Thus matches the subscription now Telia’s minimum subscription, 4Fun with 10 hours of talk and 2 GB data, in price, while the TDC’s corresponding with free speech and 3 GB data costs 149 dollars.

In addition, Telenor also removed the subscription, which went under the name Basic Grocery, where you got 12 hours of talk and 6 GB of data for 139 dollars. Telenor’s range of subscriptions today is therefore as follows:

  • Base Smart (before the base GO): 129 USD (before 109 kr.)
  • Free + 5 GB: 179 kr.
  • Free + 10 GB: 199 kr.
  • Free + 30 GB: $ 299.

If you prefer the Telenor network, but think that the prices are right in the over the edge, you can take advantage of low-cost carriers CBB Mobil or Bibob, owned by Telenor and runs on the same network.

Here is a quite different prices. For example, offers 10 hours of talk and bibob 30 GB data for 109 kroner, while CBB Mobil has 20 hours of talk and 20 GB of data for the same price.