Simly Rejoins The War with 60 Minutes and Data of Different Sizes of Bond Rates

Simly was born last year as Media Markt bet by only data rates. Their prices were attractive primarily for use outside Spain, with bonds for Europe and many countries outside it, but the offer was insufficient. Could be useful to devices which require only data but facing smartphones It did not offer the possibility to make calls of all the life (for VoIP).

To fix that deficiency Simly is now launching its first voice and data rates. Your bet is very simple, since it has four rates that share including 60 minutes in calls included, and differ in the megas included, based on a rate with payment by mega to the four gigas. But we know in depth the new commitment of the virtual Media Markt.

The new Simly, which maintains on the other hand the data rates already existing, committed by users who call rather little. And it is that all fares include one hour in calls per month, although excess is not expensive either. If those 60 minutes the rest are paid zero cents per minute the five minutes of each call (3.63 cents per minute then) more the 18 cents of establishment.

In excess of minute Simly offers 0 cents/min up to five minutes per call

The difference between the four rates is in the data. Part speaks 60, than for 2.99 euros only per month includes calls, data are payable 3.63 cents for mega consumed. The small already does include 600 megs for 4.99 euros, passing then to the median, with a giga by 7.99 euros and ending in the giant, four gigabytes for 19.99 euros. In all cases excess data is paid to 3.63 cents by mega.

In short, the new rates of Simly they can be attractive according to to users by various aspects. On the one hand there are many operators who have forgotten to users who still don’t need data connection on your mobile for those who speak 60 can do them well. And on the other hand, rates of five to eight euros may be sufficient for many users, low talkers and without excessive expenditure of data.

Of Yoigo+Movistar coverage of Orange

There are several curious notes on the new offer of Simly. The first thing is that contrary to the only data rates, that coverage Yoigo and Movistar, have now presented rates pull the Orange coverage. In this case it allowed portability as well as high, which may process exclusively at Media Markt stores, since at the moment cannot be online.

Again just the ID card and a bank card (of debit or credit) to be able to make is Simly. The first monthly fee is paid at the time of discharge, and every month are charged to card the fee of the month following the extra consumption in the previous month. Finally it should be noted that the 60 speaks only available for hiring until the end of July.

Full details of the rates for Simly