“Plus Numbers” of Orange, 1000 Minutes for €1 Per Month.

Navigating to the page of Orange to see if the change of name fling any offer I found this promotion available from mid-month.

Taking advantage of the integration of all its phones under the same brand name products have launched the product Numbers Plus that allows customers of fixed telephony, enjoy of 1000 minutes free national calls per month from your phone fixed at a maximum of five mobile Orange Select. Also, each selected phones will enjoy 1000 free minutes a month to speak with fixed line.

The service is free until April 30 if engages numbers Plus before January 10, 2007. From that date, the price is of a euro a month for each line of selected mobile phone, up to a maximum of fifteen.

To access the service numbers Plus it is necessary to have a product of fixed telephony of Orange with direct dial (ADSL + calls, calls only…)

Companies also have a version of the service, the Numbers Plus company, for freelancers and small businesses, which will be launched in November and will allow free traffic, also with a limit of 1,000 minutes per month, between fixed and mobile lines of Orange company contract. The customer will need in each fixed-line, with a fixed telephony of Orange product, and mobile partners to these lines should have fare other than “tailor-made solutions” company.