Nokia C6, Analysis (II) Software and Conclusions

Following where we leave it, we continue with the analysis of the Nokia C6, This time focusing on its software features.

At a time when the Kings are iOS4 y Android 2.2 meet with a Symbian OS v9.4 in the Nokia C6 – it coming on the Nokia N97 released more than one year ago –, manages to have the feeling of not having progressed in time to open for the first time mobile. The only advantage of the antiquity of the operating system is its stability and reliability.

Operating system: Symbian OS v9.4

The home screen offers the possibility of organizing up to six rectangles with widgets to have all the information at our disposal at any time. When we use the touch screen, objects are kept in vertical, while opening the keyboard are automatically in horizontal. It is also possible to activate the positioning of the screen via the accelerometer.

The Nokia C6 still being organized by folders which can be reached from the central button in the lower part of the screen. In them is the most interesting part, since the mobile comes with a great amount of pre-installed applications, such as: Quickoffice, Ovi Maps with the browser, Shazam, Facebook, Youtube and a selection of news, social networks and games websites. Apart they can be purchased more through the Ovi Store.

The management of contacts is fast and very simple, as it should be, only we miss the integration with Facebook that it had the Nokia C5. In addition, the quality of calls, as it is normal in Nokia, is very good and is quite above the average.

Internet on the Nokia C6

The mail configuration is simple enough even with Exchange and thanks to its integration with Yahoo!, Google and Windows Live, also allows you to chat through their services. The Nokia C6 You can connect via WiFi or 3 G HSDPA.

But it is in the navigation where you can see the worst traits of Symbian and it seems that Nokia has not taken into consideration what has happened in the market during the last three years, since the browser is loaded slowly and the elongated form of the screen makes navigation; In addition pages are opened by default at full resolution, leaving out the screen much of the content; There is a slider to vary the size of the content. When trying to navigate through pages slightly complex – Engadget Mobile version standard, for example, the phone is saturated, although we do not have anything more open. That Yes, once loaded the page the browser seems much lighter. Anyway, the mobile versions of websites are very agile and can also be installed other browsers.

The most curious part of the browser is the way that move through the navigation history, since trying to go backwards, the pages that we have navigated appear to us in the form of ‘letters’ that we can do to move the finger in a manner very similar to the covers of the albums on the iPhone.

A remarkable feature is that, thanks to Flash Lite, YouTube can be seen directly in the browser.


The widescreen display of the Nokia C6 It seems made to be used as a multimedia player; In addition it comes with FM radio and YouTube series.

For audio playback, you can use a widget that also shows the song that is playing. The musical playlist folder offers different options to get to the music, which can be stored in MP3, WMA and AAC formats. It has equalizer.

The audio quality is pretty good and the surprises with the main radio stations. Photo Gallery allows the creation of folders and, given the limitations of the screen offers good image quality.


It is not the best mobile market but possibly one of the most complete mobile we can find for the price and with physical keyboard. Too bad that resistive screen.

In fact Nokia C6 you only need an operating system more user friendly and up to date to have that plus that captivates the potential buyer.

In short, a difficult to classify with a mediocre camera, mobile a good audio playback and a physical keyboard that allows aggressive use of applications, messages and emails. It is situated away from more ambitious Smartphones but below phones such as the HTC Wildfire prices – although it does not have keyboard physico-.

Surely the Nokia C6 It is a phone that Nokia should have gotten two years ago; becoming urgent arrival of MeeGoo, anything else, so mobile as Nokia C6 do not seem us to be an ancient mobile even before out of the box.

Personally I think that the Nokia C6, with the same hardware but with another more advanced operating system, it would be a good cheap option as input to the world of Smartphones.

The phone has been granted to the test by Nokia. You can consult our policy of relations with companies