MobilR Is Points to The Rise of Prices Even without Improving Conditions. So Are Their New Rates

It seemed that the increase of prices of Movistar, Vodafone and even Orange and Telstra, was something that only affected traditional operators more linked to this kind of attitude but some MVNOs are not always non-rises and the Millicom Galician mobilR remember us on 20 June with the arrival of their new mobile tariffs.

From mobilR they claim to want to put some order in your offer descatalogando definitely the oldest rates but also the current flat 11, 18, 24 and 60 of users who have them contracted, so will be automatically migrated to the new arrangements while they remain unchanged with rate 1, flat 12 and flat 36 users while the latter will no longer be able to hire.

What changes in the new mobilR rates?

Innovations include the new flat 20 passing with unlimited minutes and 500 MB more than before for 2 euros additional and the discount of 20 euros which means the new flat 40 with 5 GB while the downside is for Flat 25 1 euro climbing without any improvement and no longer be marketed even if your permanence permits you, you can switch to the bottom step to save you 5 euros in Exchange for losing 500 MB.

Then we leave you a summary of the changes that affect the rates that will be migrated mode on June 20:

So is the offer complete rates mobilR

In addition to modalities previously views that will be replaced, mobilR will make the flat 36 former Blur is in two new versions that will disappear the stage with 4 GB to the jump back to the 5 GB.

All these changes affect users who are interested in the same way in the combos with fiber but also those who have contracted rates for mobile internet tablet, computer or mifi that expensive between 1 and 4 euros a month and as you can see below: