Meizu PRO 6, The Capping Returns with Many Changes, Do This Time Too Many?

We already have here officially the Meizu PRO 6, a smartphone with cutting-edge specifications and finish of first level but is not that bursts statistics with 6 GB RAM and Samsung Exynos 8890 chip that had been rumored. At least it isn’t what he proposes this first model, on the other hand, It does not reach 400 euros in China.

Meizu is a company that tends to make things right, but or ride much scandal or taking too many compliments in these parts. However, it is leaving a good posed in a series of buyers generally satisfied with their terminals. The new high-end model brings quite a few changes with respect to its predecessors, How shoppers respond to these twists?

Design catwalk

There is nothing more impressive than resizing. Of Lord phablet 5.7-inch as the Meizu PRO 5 we turn to a more collected size 5.2 inches. Not only is the length, also the volume has been reduced despite how can affect a significantly less than the previous models battery life.

Is a commitment to standardization, a move to the beat of fashion make smaller terminals which, in his case, noted even more knowing where they came from. However the design is true to the line that has followed to date in that small detail of color on the lower rear face. Therefore, it is expected that the reaction is rather positive.

I tend to believe that if all brands make smaller smartphones, it is because they have data that support it. In this particular case is shorter, but also thinner and lighter, so perhaps we are attending a war by the Pocket that had gone unnoticed

Improvement and much on the screen with the panel Super AMOLED Full HD, a feature that is mandatory if you really want to be among the greats. It is true that it does the QHD of the S7 Galaxy or the newly presented 10 HTC, but thanks to the reduction of size goes up to 423 pixels per inch and also adds that sensitivity 3D Press you will now see if it serves to something or not, but it serves to fill in the labels box and even more resemble the iPhone 6S.

Samsung by MediaTek, a doubtful change

Another of the keys to its future success will be in its chip. Meizu has reached an agreement with MediaTek to mount as temporary exclusive new 10 helium nuclei chip X 25 (MT6797T) instead of opting for a Samsung Exynos as last year.

Go ahead, sure that it has any influence the cost of supply, but the early results point to a loss of competitiveness in the field of performance. It is good but not excellent in the first test carried out by China’s media, that you are putting it to test since it received this morning. Benchmarks are giving a score somewhat less than 100,000 in AnTuTu and average 1,900 / 6,300 in the double test of mono-core / multi core of Geekbench.

They are similar to which it gives the Kirin HiSilicon 950 but it is below that achieved the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, Samsung Exynos 8890 or Apple A9. Is not synonymous with that will still have poor performance, should check the new version of OS Flyme, which is well full of applications to support the 3D touch screen response.

It will also be interesting to study how responds helium X 25 in consumption. MediaTek said it was an efficient thanks to its three clusters and with a battery so small that it is true, because currently it penalizes much between better you the opinion of the users present lasts less than a day of everyday use.

No personality there is no paradise

The bad that this Meizu PRO 6 gets as soon it is that its predecessor left less than a year ago and already came with all sorts of innovations in 2015. Therefore, the quality extras are something that occur by budgets.

I’m referring to things like a heavy duty metal body, screen 2, 5 d, player tracks, fast charging system, USB 3.1 Type-C and high quality cameras. Is this last what they say have got better with the combination of sensor Sony, its autofocus ultra-fast and long distances or large lighting 10 LED lights. All this is also needed to be able to rub shoulders at the top, although later it limp on other aspects.

The best that can be done Meizu to follow emerging is to add those details as your button mTouch getting something notoriety regard to competition, because everything else is already a standard that must be met only to be there, the input label.

The price, its great ally

Reviewing again all the features of Meizu PRO 6 the feeling leaves me is that they have opted for the normalization, to resemble more the competence, albeit at the expense of offering some elements of lower quality to maintain their prices at Bay.

Precisely that is going to continue to be their strong point, because the version of 32GB of internal storage for 340 euros to change and the 64GB for 380 euros. We have to see how is that in international markets, we will have to add 25% more, but If it can not upload too Meizu is going to offer high quality products for much less than the competition’s popularity. The best thing that can happen is that Huawei will be very long with the price of P9.

Honestly, beyond what to sell at home, your international customer remains the informed user who does not hesitate to buy a mobile phone that keeps running into Chinese. It will be so until it makes a great advertising campaign as it has between hands Oppo. Therefore its price is no longer so surprising because all Asian Xiaomi, LeTV or Gionee brands have their high-end. That Yes, Meizu leads them enough advantage in distribution.

Thus the Meizu PRO 6, more tiny, not so bully and with a price that does not frighten. They are more than ingredients enough to succeed, but that it will decide you.