Lycamobile Wants to Fight for The Users Who Consume More Data with a New Bonus of Five Gigabytes

While the big operators seem unwilling to get into a price war, protecting due to convergence, virtual operators they have other than entering a battle that seems to be no rest. But this time are not talking about the war by having giga cheaper, if not by the users who need more data.

In recent weeks we have seen how several virtual betting on rates or bonds of two or three gigabytes. Thus mobile Eroski launched bonds of both sizes by 10.90 and 15.90 euros respectively, CSF for 14 and 21 euros, Suop premiered three gigas bonus for 19.95 euros, Simly went up slat to four gigabytes with minutes included for 19.99 euros and now is Lycamobile which climbs up to five gigabytes.

23 euros. This is the price which have from the virtual to its five gigabytes. In case of exceeding the price of the extra mega is 3.6 cents. It is not the best price in the market for a fee of five gigabytes although only is enhanced by the rate Yoigo, offering them for 19 euros and without charge for excess.

In favour of Lycamobile must say that your fare is prepaid, so it could be very attractive for those who want a big data bonus now approaching summer, time in which many seek a rate of this style to connect different devices on their journeys, without having to worry about signing a contract.

So is the offer complete LycaMobile rates