LG Optimus One (LG-P500): Complete Analysis. Android Flies without Abusing Pocket

After a few first impressions during your presentation, we bring you a review in detail new LG Optimus One, a smartphone’s price adjusted without disheveled and very comprehensive benefits, which runs factory Froyo.

The Optimus One is in the catalogue of Movistar from 0 euros, and is one of the most affordable choices in relation to their characteristics that we have right now. We give a good review and I teach it in photos.


The LG Optimus One 113,5 × 59 × 13.3 mm and weighs 129 grams. We cannot say that it is a very compact and very light, phone but stands out for its robustness.

It has a design simple, sober, that sister it with LG Quantum, the economic of LG Windows Phone 7. The casing is made of plastic Gummy, smooth and one color (there is a dark blue model and other dark grey). You are unable to fall in love at first sight, but approved thanks to her curves and a keypad resultón Scratchcard.

Remove the battery cover and instead of plastic we are with a very rigid metal frame that makes up the entire. The battery is so firmly attached than even slope to remove it: If the phone fell to the ground (have not test), probably the battery would stay on your website.

They have placed above the headset jack and the Unlock button, and down the microUSB port. On the right side, the volume buttons. One of the major flaws of the design is that it lacks an LED for notifications. The buttons are backlighting and Flash messages and missed calls, but not with emails and other notifications from Internet.

See complete gallery» LG Optimus One (3 photos)


At this point, the 3.2 inch LCD screen It is not to throw rockets. The resolution is the first Android: HVGA (320 × 480 pixels), and 256 thousand colours noticed one poor color depth even from the logo of Movistar. However, to be capacitive and respond very well, it improves any previous tactile experience of a this price LG.

The friendlier face of technical specifications is on the plate, since this little guy rushing your low cost with a 512 MB of RAM and 600 MHz ARM-based processor, enough to make Froyo run with remarkable fluidity, as we will discuss in the next section. ROM stays in 170 MB and includes a 2 GB microSD.

In terms of its function of phone (do not forget that smartphones are it!) the evidence of coverage and call quality they have been quite satisfactory. The speaker is the same for calls and multimedia, so we can not expect much, but enough (at least not saturated). As detail, the GPS had difficulty to connect to the satellite in a couple of tries.

Software and performance

We have already had the opportunity to pay tribute to the sorprentente agility with which Optimus One moves Android 2.2 (aka Froyo) and have seen it on video. Besides that it has one sufficient CPU, the secret is that LG has just changed the interface of Android itself (that of the Nexus One), very light and optimized.

Of course, we have all the widgets and animated backgrounds, and also of all Google services. On the other hand, as we discussed in his presentation, LG has written applications (and free) for the Android the Optimus range, and although not they stand out for their quality, give an added value to the phone in the face of new smartphone users. It also offers a pre-installed applications Movistar.

The virtual keyboards default are, in horizontal position a QWERTY, and when the phone is in vertical, one alphanumeric. The latter, I imagine, is so as not to complicate things to buy a touch smartphone for the first time (a fundamental part of the target of the Optimus One), although personally he would change that by one full just turn on your phone.


Somewhere we had to reduce costs, and the LG Optimus One camera was who came out worse stop. With 3 megapixel camera without flash, It is technologically by back to the peers of range. However, it has autofocus and different processing options.

I leave you some examples:

  • Photo with good light conditions
  • Photo with poor light conditions
  • Night photo
  • Video


The 1500 mAh capacity battery It is surprising, but we do not deliver us from a daily recharge, either on the nightstand or office. Official data give a hope for 450 minutes in conversation and 550 hours standby.

In a home and less accurate test, the phone died after six hours of GPS navigation and data non-stop consumption, that leaves him in good position with respect to other Android. With normal use, we go to sleep with the Orange battery indicator.


The LG Optimus One It is a terminal that is interesting to your target, the hole in the market that LG has discovered and which will not be forgotten in the subsequent releases of smartphones. We are talking about users who want to a terminal full and with a powerful system at an affordable price.

Finally, we cannot avoid the comparisons with the HTC Wildfire, that I reviewed in Xatakamovil. Features and similar dimensions, with better chipset on the part of the LG and best camera for HTC. If the thing had been interesting in the high range, it seems that it is also for the mid-range.

The phone has been granted to the test by LG. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.