LG Optimus One Arrives to Spain with Movistar and Bring Froyo with Value Added of LG

Tells LG smartphones market share already going by 50% (and rising) and thanks to this unstoppable growth have found a niche where to base the development of its new phone. LG Optimus One It is a smartphone designed to satisfy that demand high performance without scratching the Pocket.

The latest LG Optimus series will be on sale this week in Movistar, from 0 euros minimum rates. We leave a review of the phone and services that incorporates, some photos of the presentation and, of course, our first impressions.

LG Optimus One: Froyo and hardware enough to low price

I had already anticipated specifications of Optimus One at Engadget Mobile. All the numbers we highlight a 1500 mAh battery and a Qualcomm 600 MHz processor. The micro beats to the rhythm of Android 2.2 from first ignition, without Odysseys with the updates for now.

The impression that gives us to hold it is inevitably that of a mid-range smartphone. 3.2 inch capacitive LCD screen is HVGA (320 x 480), as an HTC Magic, and has a modest depth of color (256 thousand colors). Also reminds us of the Magic camera: 3MP with autofocus. I leave a photo of example made with the phone.

The response of the screen is good, with typical precision difficulties the panel size and resolution of the buttons. Applications open and move with fluidity, thanks to the prcesador, and Android interface is slightly changed by LG, that wanted to embellish the menus.

Design let us rather indifferent. It is not a fine or coarse, or heavy or light terminal. The most attractive is the distribution of the physical buttons, who is also comfortable. In Spain it will be both blue and black and grey and black.

If you are wanting more, remember that the series LG Optimus acabacara smartphones for all kinds of users and at least one tablet, unified with exclusive services as those who shall see below.

Today we have known the following LG Optimus Android will be released during the first quarter of 2011, with better hardware and higher price, and before have the first Windows Phone 7 from the range news.

Life’s Good Apps and LG Smart Team. Interesting added value

The Optimus One incorporates two new LG services which – on paper – bring an important added value, mainly in the face to the target’s phone: users who buy a smartphone for the first time.

Life completo Good Apps is a small market of exclusive applications developed by LG. They rehash of ideas that we had seen on Android, but always thinking of inexperienced users, who will find them useful to have them in the tray. A couple of examples are Zen alarm clock, an alarma-despertador with music and pleasant imagery, or Parking Friend, a memorizer of the GPS coordinates where we parked the car.

LG Smart Team is, somehow, an advertising campaign as well as a service. The company will offer four jobs in Spain through its website for “Smartphone experts”. Applicants who succeed will be “recruited” and two months will attend by phone any questions from users on their smartphones. Compensation: €3000 per month.

In addition to these two services, the Optimus One includes the LG App Advisor application, a recommender of apps from the Android Market that collects the most votes every two weeks.