If Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Has Problems with The Touchscreen, Here Seems to Be The Solution

No new Bill device gets rid of the problems of youth, and it is that very good, pretty or expensive to be a smartphone the early adopters always end up finding an Achilles heel that usually resolve after the first remittance, either issue of software with easy solution or a hardware issue that requires redesign.

Samsung this know enough, and is that the famous Pengate who suffered the Galaxy Note 5 and other previous incidents with the sudden death of the Galaxy S3 to head, joined now in the new Galaxy S7 about strange problems with the touch digitizer the new smartphone the Korean giant star.

This error is not trivial, because although it only affects some spins and not all terminals, if it involves from play Ghost in the curved side Galaxy S7 edge, something very annoying to use the keyboard for example, up to areas with low sensitivity in the lower part of the panel of the classic model.

If this was little, some users reported even malfunction mode which turns off the touch screen when detected an object closer proximity sensor, draining the battery with the device in a case.

The solution comes with the first major update of the S7 Galaxy

In this frame of mind, Samsung has been hands to work to work on a solution that will alleviate or completely repair problems, and These patches come with the first major update of the S7 Galaxy, just released under the XXUA1APD1 code.

Joy for users with problems, and is the Korean giant It has launched the update package on a global basis, Although it will be distributing gradually, as usual, to avoid the saturation of the servers of Samsung. In our unit at least, there is still no trace of the new version, so we could not test it.

XXU1APD1 compilation is still based on 6.0 Android Marshmallow and weighs only 150 MB, repairing in addition to this problem of the digitizer, another error in the software of processing camera that caused distorted Tomás or trepidadas sometimes.

Samsung also indicated improvements in performance, stability and fluidity, this already in repetitive mode and without further explanation. Of time touches to wait, but if you have problems with your Galaxy S7 and you do not like waiting, You can go to SamMobile to download the update and install it already via recovery or with the usual Flash Samsung, Odin software.