If You Ever Wanted to Kill Super Mario, Kill The Plumber Is The Game You’Re Looking for

Admit it, you’re tired of playing Mario games and see how always manages to rescue the Princess. Despite having done a lot of times, It seems that the plumber never gets tired. If ever ye have desired to kill it and make it difficult, today we bring you a game designed for you. Perfect for making time until Super Mario Maker.

His name is Kill the Plumber and the title of first leaves us no doubt about what we’re going to find from here onwards. Our goal will not be rescuing the Princess but avoid that the plumber with her. What will we have at our disposal? A lot of enemies. Good, allies actually.

At each level of Kill the Plumber will have to avoid this caricature of Mario to reach the goal. To do this, we will be able control multiple enemies and through their movements cause the death of the hero. I.e., the formula always but changing sides: an affordable platforms with simple controls.

At each level we will have more resources to delete Mario but he, in turn, has more skills and intelligence to get more difficult our purpose. In fact, some stages are real challenges that will make us to calculate our movements to perfection.

Visually the game It is far from the Marios of life and it should not be forgotten that it is a tribute that has not been created by Nintendo game. In fact, few enemy they resemble the originals and the majority of elements that keep some resemblance are own plumber and level design.

The game has a price of 2.99 EUR, somewhat high compared to the rest of Google Play titles but is still a well deserved investment since the game has several levels and is very got. The only downside is that despite pay includes a model of payments within the own app where for a fee will help us to pass us the level. After tasting it, I have to say that unless we are very bad it will not be necessary to proceed to checkout again.

Kill the Plumber puzzle games

  • Price: 2.99 EUR
  • Developer: Keybol
  • Download: Google Play