If You Are Recording Your Android, ELC Long Audio Sound Recorder Is The Application You Need

We are going to recognize that there are some Android applications that give little game to do something different: calculators, levels to check the horizontality or verticality of something… They would also be in this category audio recorders because what more can ask you to an application that is responsible for registering the sound that captures a microphone? With a small turn screw can be something very interesting.

ELC Sound Recorder could pass for one application to record sound, with a careful design that Yes. However, by adding a small detail does make it one of the most attractive options if we make many recordings. What is his secret? Very simple: label each file that we are recording.

Ordering all these recordings

Several times a month I burn audio with my mobile. Sometimes with personal notes for me and the other to record conversations or statements to write on certain topics then. Normally look the date content but if I have more of that day cost me identify them. ELC Sound Recorder that problem is solved.

Whenever we do a record with it, it will appear as a tab. The design, as you can see in the screenshots, respects the design of Material Design lines. Far from this aesthetic detail, the interesting thing is that we can click on each record and assign it a color. What we won with that? Very simple: identify at a glance what they’ve recorded.

For example: for all personal notes mark blue while for work, if it is something urgent, we take the red and if they are notes that there is no need to transcribe soon we use green color. Simple, visual and much tidier in the majority of applications to record sound.

ELC Sound Recorder is free and adds no ads on any site. It is worth to take a look if we recorded in a regular way and us fails to convince the app we use now. In my case, it came from Easy Voice Recorder and the change has been to best.

ELC Sound Recorder Música & audio

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: ELC Apps
  • Download: Google Play