HTC Wildfire, Analysis (II) Software and Conclusions

After speaking of the hardware features of the HTC Wildfire, Now we have to talk about the software that is basically Android 2.1 Eclair – is not the latest version of Android – with HTC Sense.

One of the advantages of the HTC Wildfire is possibly that, despite being an affordable model, HTC has opted to not skimp on software and incorporate HTC Sense.

Android 2.1 and HTC Sense

Android and HTC Sense they are basically the same as always, the advantage is that in this case we have a very affordable mobile phone with many of the skills of a smartphone. Clearly, to achieve this, there are some areas for improvement that we will analyze.

Sense you can’t hate him or love him but it is clear that it incorporates a much nicer interface and wearable phones Android. The seven screens in the desktop browsing is fluid and on the desktop does not notice all that your processor and RAM are pretty fair. That Yes, no doubt Sense design deserves a screen resolution best.

The launch of the phone is also very simple, is eight simple steps to synchronized us our mail, WiFi and other accounts without complications.

HTC also incorporates an interesting amount of Widgets – have been modified slightly from the HTC Tattoo-, and there are so many that can be useful that will be easily left us short seven screens in the desktop. Personally the favorite contacts and social networks seem to me very useful.

The HTC Wildfire It incorporates a system that allows you to share via e-mail or SMS with our contacts links to applications that we want to recommend anything without being brilliant can avoid more than one search on the Market.

Contacts and social networks

The HTC Wildfire comes with integrated Facebook and Twitter contacts. This is always nice because you should organize the agenda and automatically insert photos in profiles, but the reality is that with ease we are duplicate contacts. To fix it you should access to each contact and confirm that it’s the same person – at the top right you will find a button that will show us the possible links to social networks. Obviously if we have a long list of contacts we facing an exhausting work – mostly because your contact list is not as smooth as it should-.

Anyway the strong point of the HTC Wildfire they are social networks, so when we enter into contact of a friend that we also have on Facebook or Twitter, will be shown us its last update under the name, and if you have Flickr your photo albums will be synchronized.

It’s a very complete interface pleasant to use and quite useful set once, so much that it even allows to put a Widget with our favorite contacts in any of the desktops.

Applications to write e-mails and SMS are the same to which we are accustomed HTC, very complete. The only problem, as already often happens with tactile keyboards, is that keyboard ends up covering most of the screen and there is not too much space to see what you are writing.

Other aspects of the Internet

Internet browsing is welcome given its HSDPA 7, 2Mbps, however at some point is somewhat slow – especially when loading images. Anyway the HTC Wildfire It has one great advantage over other similar mobile: because the browser supports Flash, It is possible to navigate through many, but not all, the pages containing Flash.


Multimedia playback has never been one of the strong points of Android, anyway in the HTC Wildfire fulfills its function. The music has a good quality and the library is well-organized; but this phone stands out above all by the incorporation of FM Radio, which lately is disappearing from many advanced mobile.

Video playback, as we have pointed out before, is not as smooth as we would like and the low resolution of the screen gets that it isn’t nice to see videos in the HTC Wildfire.


We must not make a mistake, the HTC Wildfire is a cheap smartphone – about 260 euros free – and note: screen is very improved, the power stays fair in many moments and video playback stops to be desired. Anyway is one of the best mobile with Android which you can find at that price; Despite all non is a mobile for recidivists in Android those who will probably seek more power, but for those who have yet to discover the benefits of Android.

What I liked most of the HTC Wildfire It is that once we have an affordable phone that to take it not you noticed, its finishes are as good as the best HTC.

No doubt it’s a good buy for those who want an Android and do not want to spend much money.

The phone has been granted to the test by HTC. You can consult our policy of relations with companies