House of Grudge Is One of The Most Horrific Graphic Adventures There for Android

There was a time where the gender of horror games He was on the rise. A lot of proposals seeking to get into the skin of some helpless character while leaving some sinister place, all spiced with a few scares and troubles. We are far from reaching that level but looking for Android we found a gem that retrieves the best of this theme.

With the name of House of Grudge We have a title that comes from Korea of the South with a purpose very clear: that move on fear. Let us not be fooled by language (includes version in English) because it’s an adventure something archetypal but us that will give us some other fright. Holding well the mobile or tablet, so it could happen.

Puzzles and scares in a fun combination

We cannot say that this game is a Masterful originality in the theme: our protagonist has been in a haunted house caught and our goal is to get out of it, solving plenty of puzzles. Nothing new, but still being just as effective. Almost all of the game consists of a graphic adventure where, with fingers, will be using different objects while we collect evidence to solve the various mysteries.

What scares we will see in the game? A classic resource but it works: objects appear unexpectedly with some other loud noise. Are we reviewing an item thoroughly? Suddenly a girl’s body hung from a rope appears to us. Why you said you sujetéis good mobile, never we will wait the time of occurrence.

The atmosphere of the game is really good and get going very well in the situation: it is visually very successful and sound effects are used with much success. It is worth to play them with headphones. The game is available for the price of 0.99 EUR and does not include shopping inside. Unfortunately there is a free demo to give it a try without having to proceed to checkout.

House of horror Grudge games

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Gameday Inc
  • Download: Google Play