Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Never Alone, Funk of Titans and Q.U.B.E. Get a Nvidia Shield

Manufacturer NVIDIA still bringing exclusively for your devices Shield great console and PC games. After releasing Doom 3 weeks ago: BFG Edition now launches four great games the rest of Android devices at the moment can not officially taste.

New video games are Half-life 2: Episode Two, Never Alone, Funk of Titans and Q.U.B.E., Although some at the moment are only available NVIDIA Shield TV and others in addition to the NVIDIA Shield Tablet.

Half-life 2: Episode Two

Half-life 2: Episode Two This is the second installment of the trilogy of the sequel to the video game half-life 2 from Valve. It is exclusive to NVIDIA Shield TV and its price is of 8,63 EUR. This game was originally released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in late 2007.

Google play | Half-life 2: Episode Two

Never Alone

In Never Alone We have a captivating game of platforms full of puzzles. It is available for the NVIDIA Shield but it requires gamepad to play. This game was originally at the end of 2014 in Windows, Xbox One and PS3. Its price is of 16.32 EUR.

Google play | Never Alone

Funk of Titans

With Funk of Titans There is a fun and addictive platform game developed in Spain and that was originally released for Xbox One earlier this year. Its price is of 4.99 EUR.

Google play | Funk of Titans

Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut

In Q.U.B.E. Director’s Cut We find a challenging puzzle game in first person which we must overcome its puzzles that resemble Portal. The game will be available for download in the next few hours.