Greater Variety, Flexibility and The Cheapest Gigas: Thus Are The New Rates of Mobile Republic

Mobile Republic, the OMV characterized by pay a Commission each month customers have taken friends, has made a leap in their new rates to offer the possibility to create a rate almost to media by combining the different bonuses to taste from the client to the purest style of other operators who have opted for rates to the Charter as MÁSMOVIL that was pioneering, Simyo, LCRcom or SUOP.

This flexibility in choosing rate not only has multiplied choices within mobile Republic if not that also represents a rebate of up to $ 5 per month with respect to previous versions that positions the new rates with the 2 and 3 GB cheaper market in contract while that only prepaid is improved price per Lycamobile with Movistar coverage.

Starting today, mobile Republic will offer the possibility to choose the voice for a rate of 0 cents per minute or bonuses of 100, 300 and 1000 minutes that can combine with bonds of data of 400 MB, 1.2 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB or simply pay for each mega consumed which is still the lowest in the market with its 2.4 cents/MB. And as a novelty, all these fees will also be available on prepaid.

For excess data, mobile Republic shall continue to apply the excess payment by default but will also allow reduce speed to 16 Kbps for an additional charge of 1 euro per month or hire the new extra bonus of 400 MB for 2.90 euros.

The new rates will be compatible with the service HazteUnSimpa the operator recently launched to compete with the digital voice of Tuenti, UppMobile of MÁSMOVIL or Orange/Amena Libon offering unlimited from the app to any number (whether or not installed the app) by 6.90 euros.