Google Opinion and Its Paid Rewards Program Comes to Mexico and Brazil

One of Google’s lesser-known services is View Rewards. The reasons why is unknown are not trivial: work only in very few countries. What is it? Very simple, we devote a few minutes application by filling out a series of surveys and test; upon completion we will receive a small, very small, compensation.

Until now only it worked in the United States and a region more but today Google has enabled its use for areas of Mexico and Brazil. A great step forward to make it universal, since it is a very simple method to earn some money while we look at the mobile.

Credit for Google Play to make questionnaires

Surveys offering Google Opinion arrive time and flow of these is not regular. I.e., not every day we’re going to find something new to do, but with a bit of luck every so often will have something to complete. They are fast, consists of very basic questions and the only thing we need is to be in the country where the service is activated.

Compensation for filling them, we will receive a little bit of credit to spend on Google Play. At any time you can redeem it for cash or money to use on another platform. It can seems limited, but it is a good way to buy apps or pay for virtual content without having to use our portfolio.

Will it reach more countries? You can Yes, seeing that Google He decided to take it a little further It is likely that they want to go one step further in the future and make it available in other countries. With a bit of luck, in the future we’ll see in more places of Spanish-speaking.