Google Now Prepares with Voice Commands and Connections with Cast [APK]

Google tends to go filtering features in the updates that will be launching its services on Android. We have seen this on more than one occasion but to watch it there is that unravel the inspirational and look at the code to find out what the functions of the future. Thanks to this we knew, for example, of the future, now present, independence from the photos app.

It is now time to discuss the implementation of the search engine of Google and the guys at Android Police have found a few very interesting tracks. One of them is to use Google Now offline and that mention “Okay, Google” we can make a few commands without relying on our connection.

Offline assistance, although limited

The code of the apk reveals that in the future you can enter Google Now with the voice command. At that time we will be shown a card with instructions we can do offline. At the moment they have appeared four possible scenarios: Make a phone call, send an SMS, play music and turn on the WiFi connection.

In addition to these functions, within a time also you can control the volume of the mobile or adjust the brightness with a voice command. At first glance does not seem especially useful if we consider that we have physical buttons for first and a shortcut in the notification bar to change the brightness.

Then we have a couple of somewhat diffuse options to speak of Cast & Maps. About integration with another screen does not mean that we can use Chromecast or Android TV to send content directly to a screen from Now. It seems that its use will be more geared to turn off this option when we are not using it.

About the maps indications are still more vague and It seems that they refer to local content on maps. Some icons are renewed and everything indicates that these changes are intended to offer information of useful sites that are around. It will touch us to wait to know more.

Use commands without any connection to the Internet can be very useful, but until they come and we apply it to our day to day we will not find out. When come these developments? We do not know, they are in the code but that is no guarantee that the next public update will arrive. Meanwhile, you can download the apk.