Google Hangouts Are Upgraded to The Big… But Not in Your Device Android

There is a new update of Hangouts, good news. It comes with a lot of changes to further improve the user experience, better news still. You will arrive shortly, bad news for Android. Wait, what we are talking about? Yes, There is a new review of the Google IM client but not in the mobile platform that you usually use daily.

Google has released an update for Hangouts with an attractive, clean design than the current version, with faster access to our contacts and the ability to easily incorporate emojis, stickers, or files. It even has a new dialer for dialing phone. What’s the matter? That has come first in iOS. The funny thing is that the first images that were leaked were for Android.

First to iOS, then on Android

As explained by Sky Ortiz, developer of Google, all these changes have first seen the light in iOS and “soon” will come to Android. As always, This expression is very flexible and it can mean this very week, the coming month (OK, tomorrow is July) already or maybe more later still.

Normally when Google updates its multi-platform services usually do so at the same time either give you some advantage to Android. However, this time they have decided to do it backwards and go first for the Apple platform. Reasons? There is no any official explanation but it is probably an attempt to tighten competition on a platform where does not have as much benefit. Let us remember that Hangouts comes pre-installed on many smartphones and Android tablets.

We hope that this update does not pray much in our platform because the changes that have been presented are very attractive. The new interface is cleaner, less tosca and the possibility of adding stickers and photos more easily It should help to compete with services like Facebook Messenger or Telegram. In any case, we will inform you when it becomes available on Android.