GameCube/Wii Emulation Comes to Android But Not All Devices

Dolphin It is the reference emulator for charging Nintendo GameCube and Wii games on a computer. In fact, in the case of the second console does so as well to the point of giving higher resolution and graphic quality to the Wii. Now we have good news for Android users, although a bit descafeinadas.

The emulation of these platforms is nothing new in Android. The Dolphin team began a couple of years ago but without getting positive results. Now, in 2015, they managed not only but that what have accomplished.


A step forward in emulation and hardware

Dolphin has released a video in which you can see a demo of several GameCube games running on Android: Super Smash Bros. Melee, Resident Evil, Animal Crossing, Wario Ware… All work without problems or pulls, so you can see are fully playable.

What’s the matter? Hardware. To enjoy this emulator we will need a very specific configuration. Fortunately we’ll see on more devices, but access will be limited. Yes, surely you have a mobile phone or a powerful tablet but Dolphin developers have realized that to move forward needed to take a step forward.

This step means to get rid of the bottom bracket for ARMv7 and versions. In other words, we will need a device that has a 64-bit processor to make it work correctly. To mention a few examples: Samsung Galaxy S6, Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet, Xiaomi Mi4i…

To enjoy it you have to wait a bit yet. The emulator is in development and the Dolphin guys still want to Polish it to make good the final product. Without a doubt, an important step for emulation on Android that has few representatives of quality.

this console games are playable without difficulties or technical problems.