FireWhip Is a Fun Game Where We Control a Whip of Fire with Care

Handle a great power sometimes carries lots of skill and not only to use it without more. With this reflection the new game comes to us from Trichotomy Games: FireWhip. An idea apparently simple but that hides one of the most well-designed controls that I’ve seen in mobile phones with touch screen. Whip seems easy but it has its miga.

Our protagonist, a pixelated point, has a singular power: use a whip of fire capable of eliminating enemies approaching us. You only have to slide your finger to smite and kill them. Eye, that Yes, with how we operate since if we spent on aggression, the length of our weapon will become smaller.

Lashes with enemies, but with care

Aesthetically we have a simple game, great unpretentious graphic but aesthetic. We at the Center, will be illuminating us with our whip and several scattered lights while plenty of enemies trying to kill us and take advantage of the mistakes that we make to shake the whip.

The control is simple: slip the finger to Drag the whip tail and according to the strength and movement we do achieve that rope follow the same long either that is it reduced if we pressed with great intensity. That would be our downfall since we are left with less range of motion.

Each consignment of FireWhip is very fast since it is difficult to find the balance between prolonging the life of the whip and avoid the enemies will come to us so it is perfect to play anywhere. In addition, it gives the option of creating gifs with replays of our games to subsequently share them on social networks.

The game is for payment, 1.09 euros, and there’s a free version but video that have been published is more than enough to convince us, or not, that FireWhip is a good buy.

FireWhip skill games

  • Price: 1.09 euros
  • Developer: Trichotomy Games
  • Download: Google Play