Finished The Problems at Pepephone’s Turn to Pepeenergy, That Will Come Soon

Pepephone takes more than one year of turmoil. It was in February of last year when we learned that after years in accordance with Vodafone the virtual decided to pack, with the argument to get access to the 4 G. But at the same time began its problems, since its new agreement with Telstra needed MoviStar and they refused to collaborate.

Finally, and after the first months of the company of moles in negative numbers in portability, Pepephone directly reached an agreement with Movistar. Yet the problems returned when started the migration process were able to see that the quality of network was not the same for the virtual clients. And again, past this last obstacle, We return to talk about the electric pepephone.

@furilo @pepephone the power is already underway 😉

— Pedro Serrahima (@serrahim) December 23, 2013

The first news of Pepeenergy arrived in December 2013, when Pedro Serrahima, Pepephone CEO, said in a tweet that the company was working to enter into the energy sector. Soon began to give dates When it could be released that new company, first discussed in March and after October, but with the mess mobile coverage of through everything stopped.

If expectations are met Pepeenergy will start its journey this month

But now that Pepephone has resumed the migration of customers towards coverage of Movistar, we can say that Pepeenergy will come very soon. If all goes as expected from the company, the new company would start offering its services this month of June. In fact Pepeenergy already It is present in the register of distributors of electrical energy of the CNMC from June 1.

What can Pepephone contribute to this sector?

The question that many is that can make Pepephone in a so far from the telephony sector as it is the energy we can get. Pepeenergy will only be a marketer, a virtual one could say again, that provide retail on the Peninsula.

We can expect that the power is move the simplicity and clarity when it comes to doing things and talk with customers that you have in Pepephone. Another thing are already rates, where we do not know to what extent Pepeenergy can mean savings. For more details we have to wait, although it seems that not much time.