Exclusive Editions of Samsung S2 and Huawei Gear Watch Launched

Both Samsung and Huawei provides its existing smartwatches, S2 and Huawei Gear Watch, a proper overhaul of new upscale and expensive variants.

After yesterday’s launch of the top model Mate 8 could Huawei revealed two new and unique editions of the already popular smartwatch, Huawei Watch. The two new members in the family is called Huawei Watch Elegant and Huawei Watch Jewel.

Huawei has drawn inspiration from the Swiss urfabrikanter and goes with the two new variants for a more feminine look. It can be achieved, of course, with nothing worse than 68 Swarovski Zirconia stone on 1.5 mm each all the way around the clock face.

Elegant series is less flashy, where the stones are replaced with a fluted finish. Both watches studded with watch straps of Italian leather in either perlemorhvid or sapphire blue. At the same time, there are packaged 40 clock faces and 10 specially made for women into the software, so you can get just the expressions above, you would.

One might be tempted to believe that the prices of the two new Huawei Watch editions are completely out of proportion, but this is not the case. Huawei Watch Elegant will cost $ 500 and $ 600′ series of Jewel. In comparison, the common Huawei Watch Edition a foreign price of $ 349 directly transposed into 2,400 crowns.


Samsung launches two precious editions of Gear S2

Since Samsung later in the evening went on the stage, lifted the it giant also unveiled two special versions of the already existing Gear S2-smartwatch with Thinkbear as the operating system.

One variant is of 18 carat rosaguld, while the other is of Platinum – so something more precious materials than in the two new Huawei Watch editions. It will probably also reflected in prices, which have not yet been published.

With rosaguld-edition follows a White leather strap from American Ivory, while Platinum Edition has a Black Thong Also here the Committee of additional increases. straps that can be purchased, as well as the Committee of new clock faces. The sale of the two variants kicks off in February.