CyanogenMod Teaches Us Very Quickly Your New and Promising Browser Web: Gello

There are many, many Android web browsers. While Chrome is the King, we have options for all tastes and of course we cannot say that variety lack. In fact, There are some very interesting alternatives. Now it is CyanogenMod who decides to launch its own proposal. Eye, it is not one more: what have taught is really interesting.

Under the name of Gello We have a browser based on Chromium, that far from being one clone more will bring a few quite popular functions. In the trailer have not enough time to see much, but if you look at those 14 seconds with patience, we see some very interesting features.

Chromium, vitamin-enriched and more customizable

In the short video posted by Joey Rizzoli, one of the developers of CyanogenMod, we can see the following details:

  • A reading mode to save pages offline
  • A night mode with inverted colors and other immersive reading
  • Many safety controls on each page that you visit and a kind of advertising Blocker
  • A mode download vitamins where we can select the destination folder and the possibility of renaming files.
  • A redesign to the Chrome interface with animations in the tabs and a new management system.

When will it come out? For now it seems that we have to wait and its developers encourage us to be patient as shortly publish details of Gello. Like other applications of CyanogenMod Team, you can download and install on any terminal without a problem.

As you know, It is not the first time that CM develop own applications, long ago came to an agreement with Boxer to create an exclusive version of your email client for Cyanogen. Gello is probably not the last that we see and are gradually expanding ecosystem to depend as little as possible from Google.

Lack of try it, which becomes a new browser to Android is good news. If in addition to these five points any more function will be more than welcome. Let us hope that the optimization of the developers also serve to optimize a bit Chromium We have to recognize that this browser is sometimes a bit heavy and slow.