Cortana Will Get to Compete with Google Now in Android Next Fall

Microsoft is taking advantage of this not only E3 to make related announcements Xbox also if you fail to get to the day of their news services. This time we have to talk about Android because Redmond have given one estimate more accurate when it comes Cortana to our phones and tablets. Formally, you know that in its day some came forward.

Its official blog explains that the wizard’s voice called as the artificial intelligence of Halo will come definitively in autumn. I.e. between September and the end of December. There is no definite date but an objective very clear: continue getting services from Microsoft in Android and compete with solutions offered by Google.

Other service more Microsoft in Android

Although competition is not entirely fair, yes there are similarities between Cortana and Google Now. However, the implementation of Microsoft is more oriented to assistance by voice with different commands and not so much to the contextual information and stay ahead of our movements. That doesn’t mean that with this service we can make actions such as add reminders, integrate with other services, etc..

As you already know, Windows 10 will feature series with Cortana so that, with a bit of luck, which come to our Android in the last quarter of the year is mature enough. Pity that they have not specified a little more date, a strip of three months is quite extensive.

We will see If they manage to gain a foothold and remove some fee to Google Now. A priori have so complicated since the Google Wizard has the advantage of being more integrated into the system (each time there are more devices that respond to the “Okay, Google”) and in options is still a bit behind.