BQ Breaks with MediaTek and Cancels The Update to The FHD E5, E6 and E10 Lollipop

The last update of the strong models series Aquaris E Bq is a stage version 5.1 Android beta Lollipop. After months of work, the Spanish company has decided to abandon the development of stable final version and has blamed MediaTek’s lack of support. For this reason, he has decided to break with Taiwan company.

In the same statement, BQ has promised one compensation to its buyers, because the promise of a higher version of Android is on the table from 2014. However, its user base too well has not taken it is and has been on war footing, has even started a collection of signatures.

The current beta if available

The Aquaris FHD E5, E6 and E10 tablet the Smartphones Bq will not receive the upgrade to Android 5.1 never Lollipop, a commitment that had been publicly purchased by the company as we already told you in Xataka Android and also remember this old twit.

All the #AquarisE and the tablet Edison 3 will be upgraded to #Android #Lollipop #derechoalatecnologia our site/ocd8GLkvGW

— BQ (@bqreaders) on November 25, 2014

The company has stopped the development of the new version, which had even entered the phase of testing public. To not waste all the work, announces that it will allow the Download the ROM Android 5.1 Beta Lollipop for those devices in the State that are so that those who want to install them manually. This means that you can get several errors and bugs that prevent normal operation of the device.

In addition, BQ will also share GPL code in a public way so that any developer can make use of its progress on their own projects.

Complaints to MediaTek, Qualcomm greetings

The problem, according to the official statement released by BQ, is in the lack of support from MediaTek for chip mounted both smartphones, the MT6592. Yes there are terminals with this chip that have advanced Android Lollipop. This is the only explanation and, apparently, the development was really advanced.

To this day, we are at a point where Mediatek intervention is essential to troubleshoot errors in these versions at the level of the component drivers, but SoC manufacturer has informed us that it will not offer more support to this platform. This means that we cannot resolve these issues and continue with the development of the firmware.

For this reason, Spanish assembler says to “bet on Qualcomm” in all of its future devices Since you trust more in their support for the updates. Is not already a too surprising decision throughout 2015 and also in its last announcement of 2016, the X 5 Plus has dominated the American SoC manufacturer brand.

Compensation and complaint of users

Although it has passed more than one year and a half, the promise of the update to Android Lollipop is still present in a multitude of buyers. At the end, and after the FHD Aquaris E5 and E6 were among highlights of the catalogue of BQ, with about 250 to 300 euros launch prices respectively.

Anticipating more than presumable users aware of how anger runs Android, which are not all, he offered to request is a compensation in the form of bonus discount: a cheque for 50 euros to spend on buying an Aquaris M5, an Aquaris M5.5 or an M10 Aquaris without giving the other terminal. You must request it by June 30 through your contact form.

He has not served much because most of the buyers that has expressed its opinion in the official forums or other open spaces is outraged by the gap. Regardless of who is guilt, demanding responsibilities to BQ for being who made the promise. Even opened a petition on, which at the moment is having little success.

Does the company have any legal obligation? At first glance it seems that this road had too much travel because a promise is not a contract. However, if it can affect further your brand image, quite damaged by the dismissals of these months and the continued lack of optimization of your software.