BlackBerry 9700, Revolutionary Evolution

We have been tested for a few days the BlackBerry 9700 also known as Bold2. We are faced with an BlackBerry format “ classic ”, no touchscreen, format bar, full keyboard and pointing device, up to here everything seems more of the same, we will see if so.

The nickname of Bold2 it comes to case since you want to us to present as the successor of the Bold o Blackerry 9000 but our view is another, it is not the successor of nobody but the culmination of a saga.

If we look at the first images from the Gallery have a 8900 on the left, a 9000 our protagonist at the Center and the right. We must look to distinguish them, they are not so different. It seems that RIM has already had his time of persecution (futile on the other hand) of the iPhone with the Storm y Storm2 and with the 9700 It has returned to its origins. To what search models out when you have the best at home?

Qualifying “ best ”. We are talking about a very specific needs, manage multiple email accounts (up to 10) POP and IMAP if we talk about service for individuals. To choose common or separate Inbox for each account. You have an amazing utility native messaging application. With native applications for GTalk or MSN Messenger. And of course (free) applications to manage, Twitter, Facebook, etc. This is the ground where he plays this equipment.

Of course it has WiFi, camera that we’ll see that it is surprising, and GPS, and an acceptable music player.

And no, you will not get attention when we put it on a table, a “ penalty ”. But it will be a faithful companion.

The BlackBerry 9700 hardware

Not discover anything if we say that the Bold original went you a little big to RIM. Is that important in the time in which phones have broken the limits and are no more MIDs than actual phone? One of the charms of the BB It is to them to handle on-the-fly and with one hand and it was not easy with the Bold.

And what did RIM? Because packaged all-in-one body Curve by fitting different elements in a solid and smart team. Of the 8900 It has taken the size, the camera’s 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus, screen, resolution, and the soft metallic edge. Of the Bold We will remember seeing the keyboard and the battery cover imitation leather or is really leather?

And all culminated with the new trackpad that we liked so much in the 8520, that is the real revolution, it will be hard to return to the “ ball ”. Leaving aside that aesthetically wins by a landslide the fluidity of movement through the screens, it is remarkable. The trackpad also helps us to write accented vowels or the n, we have to play with your scroll settings until fluidity cited in the menus do not become lack of accuracy when writing.

Little more to add to what can be seen in the gallery that accompanies the entrance.

Operating and application system

The 9700 It includes the new OS 5.0 and little we can say about its innovations with respect to the 4.6. We see more options of the camera user, some changes in lists of choices and little else. Apparently nothing has changed but it works very fast, no crashes or delays. We have made the test with applications that we have usually installed on the 8900 we use regularly and with our configurations.

We want to stop on that, the desktop application of BlackBerry, the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, It has an option (unfortunately only in the PC version) allows us to “ clone ” our current team about the new including emails, messages, applications … this is to change from one to another has taken us just ten minutes. It is not to change phone every day, but it helps in a better user experience.

We have therefore in addition to the following native applications: Google Talk y Messenger for Instant Messaging. Chapter Twitter cover it with Seesmic. TaskJot to manage tasks, an application that synchronizes with Toodledo. Google Sync to synchronize contacts and calendars with “ cloud ”. For maps we prefer Google Maps the application of BlackBerry. And two very useful applications for the mail: Forward Reply and Edit (that allows us to edit the forwarded emails, no possible native-mode thing) and GMail Plugin that adds to the native mail application things we have in GMail, conversations and labels. Not to mention the useful screen capturer ZonaSnap.

What we miss? As in the use of applications we for EverNote (notes management) and Dropbox (file storage). The first is already in other models so it is hoped that it will soon.

All cited the only cost is TaskJot, perfectly dispensable if we only use a phone, in my case is useful for synchronization with other phones. And you don’t need more, that is the approach I propose readers: a balanced team and strictly necessary applications.

And all applications stand out for their usefulness and versatility the BlackBerry Messenger in its new version offering even group management can have our “ Facebook ” private.

Experience of use of the BlackBerry 9700

With the background already commented and as regular users of these teams few surprises expected. We have not missed none of previous teams, but at the same time us has “ engaged ” standing out above the rest as we have already said the use of the trackpad. On the keyboard any sticks, perhaps us Curve type like us most with separate keys but he liked to of the of the 9700 the feel of the keys by pressing them.

Given our previous experience with the Bold as for the battery, nothing good, and because of which “ found ” this hidden gem which is the Curve 8900 We approached with resquemor to the 9700 at this point. You have submitted it to the usual proof of a day trip from work, with many emails, calls and enesimos killed in the train times using virtually continuous Twitter. And of course 3G, because we believe that if a phone has 3G must support use with 3 G and not that of the “ moderate use ” that is to say to be used in GPRS mode. As in this application far more extreme than normal after twelve hours we still had 20% of battery. For my part overcome test.

A comment on the Internet browsing. The native browser is still so limited as usual but the user experience improvement given the speed of the computer, that is, “ top ” the problem but the BB browser should improve. Navigation and a true IMAP experience are pending tasks for RIM. When we say real IMAP experience is that it is necessary that changes in the post (readings, erase …) are transmitted not only in the sense equipo-servidor mail but also vice versa.


We said before that we were surprised the camera, do not specialize in photography, share with readers a gallery of photos taken at Calatañazor (Soria), and one night in Tudela. The comments will confirm us our success or if we are wrong.

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The “ mystery ” rates

Yes, the complete experience of the team required to hire a special rate. We talk about the case of individuals with what is known as BlackBerry Internet Service, We leave aside the case for companies with dedicated Exchange servers.

The BB rates have historically been quite dark and expensive for the user. The basic BlackBerry service has always been email, this is added navigation and messaging through the so-called “ tunnel BIS ” a special APN. Outside were some applications that issue of payment to RIM not accessed through the tunnel to RIM or the operator WAP.

The rates are not so expensive, have dropped markedly in recent months. About the darkness there are operators as Vodafone they have decided to end it, I said as my direct experience. It is reassuring that the flat rate (no extra cost) is activated with the BlackBerry rate and we have now a fee BlackBerry true unlimited-Yes. It seems that Orange He has followed the same path. Not so Movistar that offers us for now only tunnel BIS and connections to moción they are a nightmare for users.


The BlackBerry 9700 It is an equipment of a content size and reasonable autonomy with benefits to last. With a stable and proven operating system and whose measures novelties like the trackpad are a genuine and positive surprise. If our needs are by mail and messaging we should take a look.

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