BlackBerry 8900 Updated to 5.0 Operating System, Use Experience

A couple of months ago we discussed the news that would bring us the new operating system BlackBerry OS 5.0. We can now comment from our direct experience since we have installed it on our BlackBerry 8900 and tested in more quiet way adding to the already seen our new contact BlackBerry 9700 Bold2 I tried xatakamovil.

How to perform the update

To update the OS of a BlackBerry the possibilities are many and one widely used is browse the Web the latest (albeit beta with the risk associated with) and with a couple of tricks to install it. For those who prefer the ‘official’ via the method is quite simple, comfortable and safe. In our case when the 5.0 has been available have received the notice on connection to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize it with your PC.

There is more to follow the instructions and in half an hour there will be backup, the new system will be installed and will recover the backup. There is no need to reconfigure anything.


If we look at the “aesthetic”, little has changed on what is already known in the 4.6 which debuted in the Bold 9000 a year ago, abandoning the icons in the form of “dolls” by other more linear type. You can hear over and over again that BlackBerry OS need a cosmetic change. For my part if you come welcome is but for me is not a priority. We do not lose the North, type “Sense” interfaces are very well but in the end are consumers of resources. As say, few changes or none in appearance, perhaps the only appreciable is options in lists or agenda selections are “colored”.

Of the innovations that we now quote: AutoCorrect, multiple contacts folders, resize images to send, Bluetooth pairing changes and notifications in folders have not tested all by different causes.

The AutoCorrect gives the BB with predictive style QWERTY keyboard of the Pearl. This leads to that if they were already before the “dark beast” productivity when writing long texts, have passed further. Only a but and is opening questions or exclamations, but I think it is lack of training.

Effectively the size now when we send a picture by email can be chosen which is made, so can select the most appropriate to the target.

Add other details in that Chamber have now the choice of focus in the foreground which gives more options working as well as the of the Bold 9700. And autonomy in terms of battery which was already very good we believe that it has expanded. Little more than we have seen, insurance that improvements in stability and fluidity of the system are “hidden”.

Some of the “problems”

What they have not been able to operate is the folder of contacts via wireless synchronization with GMail. We have marked the option on the website of the mobile mail settings, we have done an activation of safety that requests but does not work, we will continue investigating. In any case, we have the application of Google who already did.

In the strange thing we say has “disappeared” the ordinary browser, only leaving the Vodafone Live!. In terms of operation, I have not detected problems since Vodafone BB rate includes Live navigation and I have been able to access all the websites that I use. But it is something to follow.


Then with this update we have a team with the latest version of the operating system, has the “glamour” of the recent 9700 nor its trackpad but with the news of teams set their prices becoming a very good option. We recommend to upgrade to the new system.