Aviate Already Has List Its Update to Compete with Google Now: So Smart Stream

It is a fact that Google Now has created school: the possibility of having contextual information based on our mail, searches that we do or where we find makes everything you give us sole be relevant, another issue is that us is then useful. Whatever it is, There are several seekers success and just see the recent movements of iOS with Siri or Soundhound 9 with his new Assistant.

The last to give a movement in this direction was Aviate. The launcher property of Yahoo! has released a new update to a service that they themselves have dubbed as Smart Stream. What is it? Very simple, a line of information on Format tab with information of nearby places and recommendations of all kinds.

Information context but rather limited

As has shown Aviate, the operation is similar to the integration of Google Now Launcher, sliding your finger to the right at the main desk arrive at Smart Stream. From there will go out us information about the weather, movies on nearby cinemas, restaurants…

Not collecting as much information as Google Now, Aviate It is required much tuning recommendations and to act as a conservator of content with the few data of each user. The GPS position is good but if we compare with Google data volume is much smaller.

This Aviate update is already available but only for users of the launcher in the United States and with English as primary language. At the moment they want to go slowly and not make a big launch. Have not announced plans for reaching Spanish speaking countries nor the data bases used to show us the information.