Appears The First Trailer for The Way History of Minecraft, Will Come to Android in Brief

Minecraft It has been one of the most influential in the last five years. That indie PC game project has finished being a major brand that has come to many more platforms, including Android. Now, after exploring their world of millions of possible ways, something we had not seen before comes to us: a way history.

If you’ve played Minecraft you know that much of the grace of the game lies in the possibility of creating a world to our liking and create our own stories and adventure. Soon we can play a story with its own narrative in our mobile and Android tablets. Has no date but the trailer presented the Decree has left us wanting more.

An adventure game from scratch

It may sound strange but yes, Minecraft is going to have a mode story. That, will be a new game that nothing will involve the version there now in Google Play. It will be set in the same world of cubes but they will be the guys from Telltale Games those who are responsible for putting it narrative, adventure and mystery to this title.

This study is not the first time making a development of this kind: in his day already had graphic adventures of The Walking Dead and game of thrones, among others by what they experience to create adventures of this genre do not lack. Furthermore, it appears that there will be commonalities in Minecraft as the importance of making decisions to go to somewhere or other, in plan books of “Choose your own adventure”.

The video you presented gives few clues as to what we can expect from this game: there will be a conflict with a series of monsters, a mystery to be resolved and it seems that the protagonist is a kind of rookie arrived to the world of Minecraft. For the time being There is no release date but all indications are that it will come soon.