Alcatel OT-980: Analysis. a Very Cheap Android QWERTY Keyboard

We present it as «Android with forms of a Palm Pre» and the truth is that the Androids are few still with a sliding and vertical QWERTY keyboard style … as that, Palm Pre. But Android already almost has adapted to all the needs of the market and this Alcatel OT-980 it comes to cover three: he is intelligent, has physical keys and, above all, it is very economical (cheaper in relation to its performance).

Here’s our full analysis of the Alcatel OT-980 after spending a few days with him. We discussed his design and their specifications and the user experience.

Design and ergonomics

The first thing that one notices to catch the OT-980 is its weight: 152 grams that you do not go unnoticed. Sitting this trump card of a sliding keyboard phone we note its dimensions. Closed it measures 108 × 60.4 × 15.9 mm and, with the keyboard open, 150 mm high. It is robust, but it adapts very well to the hand.

In the front and in the foreground we are with 2.8 inch screen, the logo of Alcatel, and round, back-lit and colorful, the keys call, menu, home, back and hang up. In the background, a QWERTY keyboard that slides vertically, with comfortable and oval buttons. By the way, the keyboard has gone the key look typical of Android.

In general the design is sober, but her curves and the Gummy coating housing help enough to come for the view. Anyway the phone fails to captivate us aesthetically by issues of size and perhaps that metal and thick edge that surrounds it.

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Specifications and performance

Alcatel OT-980 is a TFT resistive touchscreen, with 256.000 colors and resolution of 240 × 320 pixels. No need to have it forward to understand that Alcatel has chosen a panel of the past, probably the most effective way to cut costs.

Luckily have with the physical keyboard, but at this stage the resistive screens they are no longer welcome in Android. Some games that implement multi-touch gestures are lame and usual as select shares text get, more complicated us considering this phone does not come with a stylus.

The engine of this smartphone isn’t bad for your range: a Qualcomm 600 MHz CPU, accompanied by a few justitos 192 MB of RAM. It makes good tandem with Android 2.1 and the overall performance of the system is good: applications open quickly and navigation between menus is fluid.

In the field of networking, connectivity, and storage little will miss: HSDPA, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Jack audio 3.5 mm, Micro-USB and port for microSD up to 32 GB. Regarding autonomy: have a lithium battery of 1150 mAh According to Alcatel survives 8 hours talk or 35 music and, according to a server that does not only speak or listen to music, day and a half.

On the other hand, to the camera We should give food apart. It takes photos of 2 megapixel poorly-defined and has no flash. I leave a picture example inside. It also makes video with blurred results. To use the camera we will need a microSD (not included with the phone).

Android 2.1 with retro look

Alcatel OT-980 comes with Android 2.1 from factory, without any customization, but with quite a lot of pre-installed applications that we discuss below. Before we’d stand a moment in the interface.

It is Android 2.1, but do not think in the interface that the Nexus One brought in his presentation, think of Android 1.6 (only in the aesthetic section, of course). I.e., think in the grey launcher Louvered and old icons. That is the retro look OT-980. Fortunately, Android is open to customizations and each one can put it to your liking.

One of the more plausible movements of Alcatel for this phone (from my point of view) has been put on sale with a series of popular pre-installed applications.

Thus, when someone who is not familiar with the Android Market turn on your phone for the first time, you will find Twidroyd with Facebook for your social networks, Palringo for messaging, different demos of Gameloft, Ringdroid to customize ringtones, Shazam, Barcode Scanner, Astrid and a few famous apps — free — more.

Alcatel OT-980: the price is what matters

As conclusion We could say that Alcatel has tried minimize the price and he has done it in one more than respectable. We can think of no other smartphone with Android and similar benefits that lower from the 150 euros on the market free.

Finally, we summarize our good and bad feelings:

We like

  • Medium and comfortable QWERTY keyboard
  • Good performance
  • In autonomy outperforms the high ranges
  • Android 2.1
  • Popular pre-installed applications

We don’t like

  • It is heavy and I billet
  • Resistive screen and ill defined
  • Low quality, no flash or autofocus camera
  • Interface stuck in the past


The phone has been granted to the test by Alcatel. You can consult our policy of relations with companies.