7. Details of HTC 10 of Those Who Have Not Heard

The information about the 10 HTC already takes hours circling the world and first test terminals are starting to pass through the hands of analysts. We I have told our first impressions through Engadget TV, in which we told you about the much-talked-about as your audio, your camera or your software, and have faced the rest of the high-end Android.

However, there are other small details of HTC 10 fleeing at the sight and that they appear little by little. We have collected some of them as certified IP, its peculiar connection with Apple or the conflict with its price on this list.

The misunderstanding with the price and the final figure

One of the topics discussed was its price because it is alarming high. Would it really cost 799 euros in Spain the HTC 10, which also comes with only 32 GB of internal storage? It seems that no, that was a mistake.

During the event’s presentation in Madrid, the team did not give any price and was surprised when attendees reported that this was the value published in the Spanish official website. His first reaction was to try to find out how it had reached that amount there and they also denied it in a discreet way.

Subsequently, the web was rectified and the launch of the HTC 10 price shall be 749 euros, the same as its predecessor, the M9 One had. There is a big difference and is maintained at the highest possible rank.

Direct compatibility with Apple AirPlay

HTC 10 has native support for Apple’s AirPlay. The new version of HTC Connect serves to send a multimedia content directly from the new phone to a compatible device with this standard, whether Apple TV or any player video or audio that has support for this technology.

I.e., that just to make a gesture with three fingers on the screen, will start streaming from the Android smartphone, in a similar to as happens with Google Cast. Therefore, does not require the installation of any application that make intermediary.

Resistance: IP certification

Not been heard this until you told on Twitter Jeff Gordon, the head of the Taiwan company’s global online communications. HTC 10 counts with IP53 certification, less than that of most high-end models.

That number means that it has a complete protection against contact and protection against sedimentation of dust inside, but that in the water resistance only defends against the spray.

3.1 USB as well as Type-C

The information of the company with respect to its Type-C USB port has served so we know what are his virtues of load. That thanks to the Quick Charge Qualcomm 3.0 refillable medium battery in 30 minutes or that it has allowed have headphones Reflect Aware C created by JBL sound Hi-Res and noise cancellation since they feed while being used.

But, in addition, the Type-C USB is USB 3.1 and not any of the inferior variants that are compatible with this format. Long ago that we know its virtues, including the rate of data transfer of up to 10 Gbps and its respect for standards of USB-IF that make it backward compatible.

Unlock the bootloader will not void the warranty

We know that European law protects in these types of cases, but not all companies are for the work of giving the reason and some are questioning the warranty when a smartphone is broken by messing with it.

HTC switched sides with One A9 and, according to collect U.S. booking form, the warranty of this product nor aborts to unlock the bootloader. This measure only applies in the case of phones purchased for free, not to those who are partners to an operator. The Spanish web does not appear in information concerning.

Get photos with putting housing

The new generation of Ultrapixel in the rear Chamber and front camera image stabilizer, as well as the speed of the application that manages them have taken all the headlines about photography. But there is a detail that found me most peculiar: take screenshots with bag.

The new one protective Ice View House, that replaces Dot View, is translucent and therefore allows to see the image on the screen when it is turned on but stuffy. Its main functions are to read notifications, return calls and, in addition, make photographs because to launch the only app you have to make two moves down on the screen while the lens is exposed at the rear.

Other versions on sale

Becoming is more common and this time will not be less. HTC will also to sell several versions of hardware of its latest model, each addressed to a specific territory. Hispaniola is unique, HTC 10 brings a SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage expandable via microSD. This same model will also have variant with 64GB of memory on other markets.

On the other hand, in some countries in Asia such as India and China becomes a so-called lower version HTC 10 Lifestyle riding a chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 and 3 GB of RAM. The other elements are identical, including cameras, battery, size and display resolution and audio equipment. Of course, should not share what the selling price.

With these small details, it calls more attention this HTC 10 or stay as you were?